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FOX News
Feb 5, 2011 2:30pm EST
. the president obama said, you know, we've asked him to start the process now, but he's ordering attacks on journalists? >> well, i mean, look the united states is two fundamentally different positions on foreign policy and the media are struggling to explain this. on the one hand we support human rights and freedoms, on the other hand he we support allies and now, this is a case where our allies doesn't support human rights and the opposite. he's threatening to murder reporters and threatening hero reporters from my mind greg palkot and anderson cooper and others, and so what is the united states supposed to do? nobody, including the obama administration obviously knows. >> jon: in part, is it more than just-- is it more than just coincidence, alan, that all of these journalists suddenly find themselves under attack? >> of course not. this is finally the mubarak regime trying to exert authority and realizing it's losing the battle and it's closing the barn doors after the proverbial chickens have left and it's already been organized by the social media. regardless what happens to the ma
FOX News
Feb 12, 2011 11:30pm EST
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FOX News
Feb 19, 2011 2:30pm EST
discipline. the cuts will be necessary. >> jon: mr. obama unveils his budget to mixed reaction. he wants to spend more on education, energy and innovation, but his plan gets a failing grade to republicans who see a need for big and deep cuts. and guess which plan the press likes. >> the wisconsin's budget cuts go national and democratic lawmakers go missing when it's time to take votes. has the media taken sides here, too. the so-called facebook revolution grows beyond egypt to include other gulf nations and the media plays a part in reporting the eat. are we geg the whole story. >> what do i have to do short of suicide to convince people i'm not running. apparently i have to commit suicide. >> new jersey chris chris getting more media attention for him to make a run for president. are they pushing too hard. >> i do work for the president, but i'm also here to help the press understand what we're doing. >> jon: once a journalist, now the president's pitchman. jay carney takes over the press room podium. what can we expect from this guy, has the media called for the end of humanity when a
FOX News
Feb 26, 2011 11:30pm EST
standard of common decency. this violence must stop. >> president obama finally addressing the violence in libya on wednesday. the administration also expressed concern for americans in the region. this as the state department works to get citizens out of libya. while that's going on, more journalists have been trying to get in and that would be incredibly dangerous. let's start with judy miller, judy, you've been to the region and met and interviewed gadhafi, many times. >> is he really nuts? well, let me buput it this way. i'm lucky i'm not a blond. he reefers blond female reporters, but i managed to sneak in and interview him a lot of times. look, you can't be totally certifiable and hang on to power in a country in libya 42 years. that being said he's as close to psychotic as any leader i've ever interviewed and i think what's going on now is surely, surely crazy behavior. i had expected more of his son. i think i had worked with saif, on some nurses his father accused spreading aid in theed country and many libyans believed he would be the kinder, gentler next generation and now we
FOX News
Feb 20, 2011 6:30am EST
've gotten that and the other 60-- 60% left wide open. >>, but this is not exactly the obama administration's fault. they say there's more troops in our nation's border, more than 20,000 along the border more than in 2004 and they say we're doing our best. although remember what president obama said in the huge immigration speech about a year ago. the borders are too vast for us to be able to solve the problems with fences and border patrols, it won't work and clearly he knew what he was talking about and i don't think the numbers surprised him at all. and i don't think most of us were surprised. >> the reality, there's a serious problem with control on the northern border, a tremendous amount of open land there. >> 1% is secured along the canada border. >> a tremendous open line and there are roads to drive across one country to the other. the southern border, with the violence and causing problems and attention and all of these statistics and research that needs to be done so we can address the problem. >> see what you think about that,, what should the government be d
FOX News
Feb 6, 2011 6:30am EST
the president into exile last month. president obama would try to rebuild ties tomorrow when he gives a speech to chamber of commerce. caroline shively, what do we know. >> a short walk from the white house to the u.s. chamber of conference. the president will address how the republicans won back the out with the 50 million dollar campaign budget and the group has spent years fighting the president's health care overhaul and last month, may use money for attack ads. and it seems tomorrow that the relationship could be defrosting, one, election efforts for 2012 are warming u the chamber doesn't get involved in presidential politics, but will likely spend in congressional races and the white house is going to watch that and two they're on the same side of a fight. winning support for a trade agreement. and business leaders like that the president appointed bill daley as a chief of staff. a former member of the chamber of commerce and former executive of jp morgan chase. the president wants them to spend some. back to you. >> thanks, caroline, so much. and now here is your favorite story, you've
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)